Two reasons why high-speed trading is good for investors

A new book by Michael Lewis, “The Flash Boys,” has gathered  a lot of attention because of its scathing criticism of High-Frequency Trading  (HFT), a type of electronic trading where transactions take place within  millionths of a second. It argues that HFT is nothing more than a scheme designed  to enrich its practitioners at the expense of everyone else.

Lewis’ premise is well argued and he may be right in  painting HFT as a value-sucking parasite. However, investors must not conclude  that all high-speed electronic trading is bad. In fact, it has brought real benefits that apply directly to our clients. Here are two.(Read more)

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Path Financial Named Constant Contact 2013 All Star

hero_allstar_2013March 19, 2014 / Sarasota, Fla. — Southwest Florida investment advisory firm Path Financial has received the 2013 All Star Award from Constant Contact, one of the biggest online marketing services in the world. Recognized for achieving marketing results which ranked among the top 10 percent of Constant Contact’s international customer base, Path Financial was selected for the honor based on its use of online marketing tools to engage customers at a consistently high level. Among other criteria, Constant Contact gauges the level of customer engagement with email campaigns, as well as the open and click-through rates of customers receiving the emails. Continue reading

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