Can Market Rally Continue Another 10 Years? Investopedia Shares Raul Elizalde’s Insights

investopedia smallerInvestopedia recently published “Can the Market Rally Continue Another 10 Years?” — the most recent contribution for Investopedia by Path Financial founder and president Raul Elizalde.

In his latest analysis, Raul Elizalde tackles the question “Can the market fall hard anytime soon?” and discusses possibilities, black swan events and historic crashes. Read the full article at the link below.

Can the Market Rally Continue for Another 10 Years?


Raul cropped for facebookRaul Elizalde is the founder and President of Path Financial, LLC. He may be reached at 941.350.7904 or

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Seven Things Women Should Do Post-Divorce to Secure their Financial Stability

By: Oxana Saunders
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Divorce can be a traumatizing experience for all the parties involved, but women are often more vulnerable to financial difficulties if they had not been actively involved in their family finances during the marriage. The emotional toll of the divorce can make it even more difficult for women to deal with the new reality of being on their own and facing the challenges of becoming a successful head of household.

While all this can be very overwhelming, there are certain steps women can take to secure financial stability. The article linked below has excellent tips on the seven things women should do post-divorce to secure their financial stability — one of which is to find a financial advisor or planner who has experience helping divorced women, whose goals and needs can be very different from those of a married couple.

forbes logo imageSeven Must-Do Steps for Women Who Want Financial Stability Post-Divorce

If you find yourself overwhelmed with managing your finances after a divorce and need professional help, please contact me for a free consultation.

Oxana Saunders Vice President Path FinancialOxana Saunders is the Vice President of Path Financial, LLC. She may be reached at 941.894.2571 or

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