Personal Finance Tips for Millennials

By: Oxana Saunders

pigAs Millennials are getting ready to outnumber Baby Boomers by 2019, many young people are still struggling with basic financial concepts. Unless they have a taken finance courses or are fortunate to have parents who made it their priority to get them up to speed on the financial aspects of life, they may run into difficulties that, with a little planning, can be easily avoided.

The article from, linked below, shares a few relatively easy and simple steps that you can take to improve your financial outlook. If you feel that you need some guidance on your personal finances, please contact us for a free consultation.


6 Investing & Financial Tips for Millennials

Oxana Saunders Vice President Path FinancialOxana Saunders is the Vice President of Path Financial, LLC. She may be reached at 941.894.2571 or

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